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The National show for The Miniature American Shepherd Club of France


The French National Show – This was a brilliant experience for the dogs, set in a large venue with over 4000 dogs competing at the two day show. We had entered the second day of the International show but i have given it its own page as i could not get all the pictures or information about both shows on one page.

The National show for The Miniature American Shepherd Club of France, Metz France



This was our first attempt at showing in an international setting in a french KC show which was affiliated to the FCI Europe’s main registry for pedigree dogs. I was very nervous as i knew people would be looking at us with our English dogs! It would also be a good chance to see how we fared against the other dogs in Europe.

Nova was first in the ring in Intermediate Female a class for bitch’s between 15 – 24 months old,  I don’t think Nova was at her best in this class, perhaps because of the size of the venue and the amount of dogs. She seemed quite reserved and not her normal outgoing self, her movement was stiff and I did not think she was happy in the stack, however I was surprised as she went on to get second in her class and went forward for the best Female class and came away with the Reserve Best Female.

Boomers class, Open Male was a huge class of 16 dogs some of which had been placed above us this summer. After we had gone round the ring in the first parade we were split into groups of 4 so that the judge could look at each dog properly. I was very lucky as i had forgotten a certificate from the Vet about Boomers teeth without it we would have been disqualified. I managed to get back from the hotel just as the last group was being judged. I was delighted to be put in the final cut of 6 dogs. I was quite nervous at this point as i had placed my self at 4th and thought i would be happy with any place in the top 6. I was very please that Boomer was placed 3rd so that was a great result.


Gottabe’s Supernova – 2nd in Intermediate Female

Dunnellon’s Boomerrang – 3rd in Open Male

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds