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MASC e.v show Bavaria, Germany


The story so far

Even though showing this amazing versatile Breed is new to us, all our experience was in showing Welsh Cobs when we used to breed them. Boomer and Nova seem to excel within the Ring, becoming different animals once under the judges eye. Boomer was the biggest surprise becoming a real showman and he lapped up all the attention.

MASC e.v Show Eschenbach, Germany


Ms Tanya Norvak USA

Ms Kirstin Patzold Germany

Showing in Bavaria, Germany.

This was our second go at showing, and we all felt more prepared to know what to expect when it comes to showing. Boomer and Nova excelled and the results overwhelmed me, I couldn’t be more proud.


We work with a lot of passion to get the best out of our dogs. Correct balance of angulation front and rear, which can be observed when a dog is stacked (standing for those who are not familiar), it can help to see it in movement, this is where balance work comes into place. To do this there are a number of aids you can use, balance pods and gym balls both of which we use. This helps the dog to learn to put even weight through all four legs. it is also a good way of working the back end to become stronger. As this is a working breed the judge will expect a good level of muscle development.

"Nadine do we have everything this time?".

I felt a lot more prepared for this show, not only knowing what to expect, but also bringing everything we would need for outdoor showing. This included a tent and chairs which came in handy as it was very hot that day and the time between classes was quite long. I have worked more on stacking and in particular the ‘free stack’ when the dog in on the ground. I have also taken advice from Nova’s breeding in preparing the dogs to show and which products were the best to use.


Gottabe’s Supernova –

1 x First place Young dog – Tanya Norvak USA

1 x First place Young dog – Kirstin Patzold Ger

Best Young Dog Tanya Norvack & Kirstin Patzold

Dunnellon’s Boomerrang –

1 x Second place Open Male – Tanya Norvak USA

1 x Second place Open Male – Kirstin Patzold Deu

Reserve Best Male Tanya Norvack & Kirstin Patzold

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds