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MASC e.v Bremen Germany

This was Ironpaws and Greggles first trip to Germany showing our dogs at a MASCE e.v Show in Bremen. We had a great time spending time together and preparing our dogs which was rewarded in the Showring. It was lovely not only to be able to compete but to meet other Owners and Breeders. I am very proud of Boomer and Nova as they took everything in their outgoing confident stride. At this show Nadine from Greggles brought one of her dogs along but did not show on this occasion.

Ironpaws and Greggles at the MASC e.v show Bremen Germany.

Boomer with his special award, at this show he was close to being placed but just out of the ribbons. The judge liked him allot so she awarded him a special ribbon.

The Judge at this show was Kirstin Patzold (Germany):

She was a very experienced judge and took time to explain why she has come to her decision. I had a chat with her about how i could improve things with Nova and Boomer and she gave me some very useful advice. She stated that i should get a veterinary certificate to prove that Boomers misplaced tooth was due to injury rather than genetic. As soon as i returned to the UK i went to a specialist veterinary dentist and had it confirmed that the tooth damage was due to tugging when he was young. This was something to note with any future show prospects not to play tuggy with them when the teeth were still growing.

Nova with her Second Place in young female, for her first show she did very well.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds