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Our Dogs


Dunnellon’s Boomerang

We decided that we wanted to get another dog as we really felt that Holly was lonely. I wanted another dog to do agility with and my husband wanted another dog to go running with but not a large dog like Holly. At first i came across the standard Australian Shepherd and really wanted one but knew we did not have the room. I came across the Mini Aussie (as they were then) and fell in love with Cajun Jessica Stewards stud at Dunnellons in Shropshire. After several e-mails and phone calls i was delighted to find out i had been accepted onto the waiting list. I can still remember the day we picked him, we had the choice of two. I picked him because he seemed the sweetest one with a glint in his eye, where as my husband picked the same pup but because his feet were good! I don’t know which one of us were right but Boomer has grown in to a handsome, intelligent and happy boy.


Thunderpaws Hollyhocks

We rescued Holly from the Border Collie Trust back in 2006. She was 18 months old and had spent 6 months of that tied up in a dirty dingy garden on a 2m rope. She had never been walked and her claws were growing into her pads. After receiving veterinary treatment we took a scared dog who was skin and bone. It took us about a year to gain her trust, after that she had done everything from Agility to running Marathons with my husband. A very much loved member of the Ironpaws family, Holly has helped to raise both our minis and has now adopted Apollo as her own puppy they play together all the time!


Gottabes Supernova

Well its true what they say ‘Minis are like Pringles, once you pop you cant stop’ the search was on for another mini, Boomer was almost 2 and doing well at agility training and had just started competing. I did not want another one to do agility or really for breeding. I wanted to move into showing. Again my mentor Jessica Steward came to my aid and said that her friend at Gottabes in Reno USA was planning a litter. Again after lots of emails and a very long Skype conversation i was delighted to find out that i had been accepted onto the waiting list. I had to pick Nova at 2 days old as i wanted a puppy with its tail. I picked Nova for a number of reasons but the one that always springs to mind is the colour pattern on her head that looks like two HD eyebrows! When i was asked if i wanted full rights the journey of Ironpaws began.

Ironpaws Iron Lady

Apollo has been a character since she was born, this little girl is going to be a challenge. She knows her own mind and has a sparkle that I could not ignore. Apollo started showing in January 2017 at 5 months old and already has a number of wins under her belt, we cant wait to see how she continues to develop. We will instinct test her for sheep herding and hope to have her French Kennel Club temperament test done. I am expecting great things from this lovely girl, being our first home produced female she will continue our type into the future.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds