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All About Showing!

Showing this amazing versatile Breed is becoming a real joy, both Boomer and Nova seem to get better and better. We’re hoping to document our Showing journey on this page and hope to include some Video’s of movement in the future. Each show we attend will have its own summary page set up on this section of the website.  I will update in more detail on our news pages.  If you would like to see more information on our showing please look at our Facebook page as I tend to update while I am at the show so you will get to know what is going on as it happens.

Our hard work starts to pay off

We have been working hard to train our dogs not only to move correctly but to also show them selves to the best of their ability. The back ground work of grooming and washing to ensure the coat is at its best has become a weekly if not daily challenge. Feeding and supplements also plays its part as they need good quality food to look in the best condition. I also pride my self in the fact that though my dogs are used for conformation showing they also have the chance to be dogs, if they want to charge around in the mud that’s fine by me!

Showing in Bavaria, Germany.

This was our second go at showing, and we all felt more prepared to know what to expect when it comes to showing. Boomer and Nova excelled and the results overwhelmed me, I couldn’t be more proud.


We work with a lot of passion to get the best out of our dogs. Correct balance of angulation front and rear, which can be observed when a dog is stacked (standing for those who are not familiar), it can help to see it in movement, this is where balance work comes into place.

Showing in Bremen, Germany.

It was the first time we had ever shown, in June 2015. Nova and Boomer took me by surprise when we left the ring with Boomer receiving a Special Rosette and Nova coming second in Young Dog.


Please see each individual show page for results.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds