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Grand Champion Dunnellons Boomerang

The Miniature American Shepherd was a new Breed name introduced in 2011 to enable the Miniature Australian Shepherd to gain entry into the AKC as a breed in its own right. Entry into the AKC occurred in 2012 by splitting the AKC Australian Shepherd into two breeds, providing a new home in the AKC for the previously unrecognised Miniature Australian Shepherd and allowing owners of AKC Australian Shepherds to voluntarily transfer their dogs to the new breed.  We chose to transfer our boy ‘Boomer’ to the Miniature American Shepherd register to enable us to work towards recognition with the Kennel Club in the UK. Our girl Nova was a first generation MAS imported from the USA in July 2014.

Our Kennel Name Ironpaws was granted by the UK Kennel Club in October 2015 after we were sadly told that we could not have Thunderpaws due to the high use of Thunder in registered dogs name. We were told that the name could not be granted to one person. After thinking long and hard my husband came up with Ironpaws which was accepted by the Kennel Club.

All our dogs are registered with MASCUSA, AKC and the Miniature American Shepherd database, they have also been fully health tested for all known genetic illnesses that affect this breed, BVA/OFA Hip and Elbow scores and a full DNA traits report is available on request. Our Stud Boomer will be available to a select number of approved females only, please contact us for details.

I mainly compete in Conformation showing in Europe where we are able to show the breed. When my health permits I compete in agility with Boomer, this was how I first fell in love with the Mini Americans, a smaller dog than the Border Collie but just as fast and nimble, they have become more and more popular in this sport. The breed has been able to turn its hand to a number of skills including Herding, Working Trials, Scent work, Pets As Therapy, Dock Diving and Trick / Frisbee skills. We are a small breeder who produces, trains and shows our own dogs, and we may not produce puppy’s every year.

The culmination of all our hard work happened in 2018 when our stud Dunnellons Boomerang became the first United Kingdom bred and produced dog to gain a Grand Champion title in conformation showing. We were doubly delighted when Gottabes Supernova gained her Multi Champion title in Conformation Showing, due to having her last litter we were not able to finish her in the 2018 show season but I hope to achieve her Grand Champion in the 2019 show season.  I was even more delighted when our own home bred Ironpaws Iron Lady gained her Multi Champion in Conformation showing she is one CAC away from achieving her Grand Champion, which im sure she will do in 2019. Her younger Brother, Ironpaws Can I Play With Madness has started his showing career with 2 wins at Baby male and 1 Best Puppy in Breed at the Paris International Dog Show 2019.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds