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Association Canine Regionale Du Centre Exposition De Bourges


This was the second show of 2018, we traveled to the Beautiful city of Bourges in Central France. We had a full house of dogs taking Boomer, Nova, Apollo and with kind permission of his owners Clare and Alan, Maverick joined us. We also entered our daughter Livia in her first Junior showing event in the 6 – 10 year old class.

Association Canine Regionale Du Centre CACS Show Bourges, France

Ironpaws minis

Nova’s Results

Best of Breed (Excellent)

Best Female CACS

1st in Open Female (Excellent) 

Boomer’s Results

Best Male CACS

1st  Open male (Excellent) 

Apollo’s Results

Reserve Best Females RCACS

1st Intermediate Female (Excellent)

Maverick’s Results

1st Puppy Male (Very Promising)

Our Judge for this show was Mr Jacques Medard Mangin

Nova did really well in the ring and stacked well and as ever moved like a dream, she is really starting to look good now, her coat has come back nice and thick. The judge actually thought she was overweight until he touched her and realised that she was in fact in excellent condition. He commented on how well she move and how good her angulation was. I am so proud of this girl and how she has developed, coming up to 4 years old I feel she still has loads to give. For her to gain another Best of Breed and a much needed CACS, we are now waiting for confirmation that she has gained her Champion title.


Apollo’s results were a shock to me, i let Livia take her in the ring so that she could have some practice. Apollo has always had a light harted approach to showing, unlike her father Boomer she likes to mess about in the ring. But she actually behaved herself for Livia and worked nicely. She was given the Win in Intermediate Female with an excellent. The judge said she had excellent angulation and her structure was really nice. her only fault (which we are aware of) is lack of bone. However to be handed the RCACS for reserve best female I was shocked and delighted at Apollos first points.

Boomer performed as he always has; he comes alive in the show ring and really looked and moved well.  The Judge said he had good substance and coat, his movement was excellent and he had a lovely head and kind eye. The only fault he gave him was he felt his tail carriage was a little high, again in the breed standard it is not very clear about how it should be. So this is down to Judges interpretation.  Needless to say we won the class with Excellent and Boomer went on to win Best male and the CACS.

This was Mavericks second show and i am delighted with how he is getting on, he is lots of fun and has his fathers flare for the ring. He is such a happy boy and quite mature for his age. He was much more relaxed in the ring he moved more freely and had confidence that he lacked in Paris. He was happy to move around the show ground and did not seem to be bothered by all the people and dogs. I was delighted for him to win his class with a Very Promising.

We entered our daughter Livia in the Young Presenters class ages 6 – 10, she took Boomer in the ring. He behaved impeccably and did everything Livia asked him to. The judge i think took a shine to them and said she was impressed at Livia’s French and how well turned out they were.I was a very proud mummy when she was awarded first place along with a huge trophy. I wont hide the fact i had a little bit of trophy rage! I am sure Livia will enter the ring again very soon.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds