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Boomer x Nova Litter 2017

Ironpaws Mischief Managed

Ironpaws Hades Mist

Ironpaws Sapphire Wolf

Boomer X Nova Puppies August 2017


We were delighted to announce that 3 healthy puppies were born on the afternoon of the 15th August 2017. We had been blessed with 3 Boys and 1 Girl, sadly one boy was still born. All puppies from this litter have been placed.



Ironpaws Mischief Managed (Maverick) lives up to his name I knew from the moment he was born that he would be trouble! He is a carbon copy of his father and I know he will grow up to be just like him. I am very lucky that he has gone to a home where they are happy for us to keep him in our breeding program. This bold and forward pup is great at problem solving and is going to have an amazing life with Clare and Alan.



Ironpaws Hades Mist (Rhubarb)  is very  much like his sister Ivy, a sensitive boy and though he can have mad moments of puppy zooms he is the most serious of the puppies. He likes to watch and take things in and work them out for himself. His nature is very sweet and he will be a very sweet boy to his new family Denise and Edward, I am excited to see how he develops.


Ironpaws Sapphire Wolf (Luna) is small and mighty, she has lots a character and is going to be just like her sister Apollo. Not one to be beaten she will work at things until she gets what she wants, Luna will need lots of mental and physical stimulation. She has gone to an Agility  home. Do not let her size put you off she is ready to take on the world! I am sure that Sue and her family will have lots of fun and she will be amazing at agility when she is older.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds