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Ironpaws Mischief Managed – Maverick

Ironpaws Mischief Managed - 'Maverick'

Maverick is a home produced pup at Ironpaws, Wiltshire UK.

Maverick is a Dunnellons Boomerang x Gottabes Supernova (2017 litter) Son.

He is owned and Loved by Clare Walkden and Alan Clegg, but with special permission he will remain in our breeding program. Once old enough and pending health tests he will be available to a select number of bitches on approval only.

Health Testing


Clear/Normal DNA test by Orivet


Clear/Normal By Parentage and DNA test by Orivet      

Hereditary Cataracts (HSF4) DNA:

Clear / Normal by Parentage and DNA test by Orivet

Cobalamin Malabsorption DNA Test:

Clear / Normal by Parentage and DNA test by Orivet

MDR 1:

Carrier +/- DNA test by Orivet

 Degenerative Myelopathy:

Clear / Normal by Parentage and DNAtest by Orivet

BVA Eye Test: 

Clear/Normal 03/10/17

Hips and Elbows Scored :

Hips – Too young tests expected August 2018

Elbows – Too young tests expected August 2018 

Maverick’s Showing wins!

3rd Lot De Reproducteur


Gottabes Supernova

Ironpaws Hades Mist

Ironpaws Mischief Managed

Ironpaws Iron Lady

(M. Jacques Goubie Judge, France)

Flixecourt CASC Dog show France

04th March 2018

2nd Puppy Male (Very Promising)

(Mr Salvatore Giannone, Judge France)

Flixecourt Dog Show CACS

04th March 2018


1st Puppy Male (Very Promising) 

(Mr Jacques Mangin Medard, Judge, France)

Bourges, France CASC 

17th February 2018

1st Baby Male (Very Promising)

(Mr Salvatore Giannone, Judge France)

Paris Dog Show CACIB

07th January 2018

Best Baby (Very Promising)

1st Baby Male (Very Promising)

(Mr Jean-Paul Kerihuel, Judge France)

Paris Dog Show CACS

06th January 2018

Born: 15th August 2017

Height: Expected 16″

 KC Activities Register: 

Expected Medium

UKA Competing Height:

Expected Medium



Litter Registration: DN511383

French KC Temperament Test:
to young

Herding Instinct Test: 

to young

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds