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The French National Dog Show – Nantes 03-04 June 17


We returned to France for the French National Dog Show in Nantes. This time we were only able to take Dunnellons Boomerang ‘Boomer’ and  Gottabe’s Supernova ‘Nova’, Ironpaws Iron Lady ‘Apollo’ had just come into her first season so we decided to leave her at home. We were also joined by Greggles Cherokee Warrior of Iron ‘Cherry’ and her owner Kelly.

Championnat De France 2017, 03-04 June Nantes, France

Boomers’s Results

Reserve Best Male (Excellent) (RCACS)

2nd Open Male (Excellent) 

Cherry’s Results

2nd Intermediate Female (Excellent)

Nova’s Results

Best Female (Excellent)(CACS)

1st in Open Female (Excellent)

Our Judge was,

J P Kerihuel (France)

Nova again surprised me at her relaxed approach to the whole show, and this being her second time out since she had puppies last year and her season was due imminently. She has malted quite considerably since the last show coat and condition has really improved . She behaved well in the ring in spite of some fidgeting, but it was a long day as we were not judged until the afternoon. I was really happy that she won her Open Female class, she was then judged for the best female and i was delighted for her to take Best female and gain the CACS. This will be her last show of the year as we hope to put her back into pup with Boomer later in June.

Boomer performed as he always has; he comes alive in the show ring and really looked and moved well. I felt he performed really well and the judge really liked him. i have never been so nervious when we were being judged as he took a long time trying to decide between us and another dog. We were asked to move up and down a number of times before he finally decided to give us 2nd place in the Open Male class and the Reserve Best Male RCACS. After the last show this was a relief as i was worried about Boomer carrying his tail so high when he is excited. but its often down to the judges preference and especially in France when the breed is docked so we often go up against docked dogs which is preferred by the judges.

Cherry performed really well and the judge really liked her but did comment that she needed to mature a little more, i have to agree with this as she needs more coat. Better luck next time, she did take 2nd place (Excellent) in the Intermediate Female class. We had a great show and we are very much looking forward to our next show.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds