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Maubeuge CASC Show France 08-04-17


We returned to France at the start of April for our second show of 2017 for the National Dog Show in Maubeuge. This time we were able to take all three dogs, Dunnellons Boomerang ‘Boomer’ and Ironpaws Iron Lady ‘Apollo’ and Gottabe’s Supernova ‘Nova’

Club Saint Hubert Du Nord, CACS  Dog Show Maubeuge, France

Apollo’s Results

1st in Baby Female (Very good) 

Boomer’s Results

1st in Open Male (Very good)

Nova’s Results

Best of Group (Group 11 non FCI) (Excellent)

Best of Breed (Excellent)

1st in Open Female (Excellent)

Our Judge was,

M. N Deschuymere (France)

Nova totally surprised me at her relaxed approach to the whole show, and this being her first time out since she had puppies last year. She has recovered really well from whelping and i feel that her coat and condition has really improved since whelping. She behaved well in the ring and though she has never been really happy about showing she really seemed to enjoy herself. I was really happy that she won her Open Female class but to then go on to get her first Best of Breed was out of this world! I was then  taken a back to win our first ever group final! It really was an amazing experience to be Best of Group and for it to be Nova made it even more special.

Boomer performed as he always has; he comes alive in the show ring and really looked and moved well. I felt he performed really well but the Judge did not like the way he carried his tail and for that he lost the reserve, i felt this was a little harsh as his tail is within the breed standard. I suppose the Judges decision is final and he was awarded 1st in open male with a very good.

Apollo again performed really well and the judge really liked her saying she had good angulation and moved really well. He also commented that it was nice to see a bitch looking feminine. Sadly again he was not happy with her tail set and so she won her class but was only awarded a promising meaning she could not go into the puppy final. better luck next time its obvious we had a judge who has a thing about tails. We had a great show and we are very much looking forward to our next show.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds