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Boomer X Nova Litter 2016

Ironpaws Kodie Warrior

Ironpaws Dakota Rising

Ironpaws Iron Maiden

Ironpaws Iron Maiden

Ironpaws Iron Lady

Boomer X Nova Puppies August 2016


We were delighted to announce that 4 healthy puppies were born on the evening of the 13th August 2016. We had been blessed with 3 girls and 1 boy, all puppies in this litter have now been placed.




Ironpaws Kodie Warrior (Kodie) is our one and only lovely boy, he is a real gentleman and lets his sisters jump all over him. He only puts up with it so far and loves rough and tumble with Dakota. He is a clever boy who picks up things very quickly, he was the first one to climb out of the puppy pen and work out the wobblebord. He reminds me so much of his farther at this age and will be very much like him when he grows up. Kodie has gone to the North East of the UK, where i’m sure he will love and be loved very much




Ironpaws Dakota Rising (Dakota) well I knew she was going to be special when she was born. We had to fight so hard to to keep her with us that she has really left an impression on our whole family. She may be the smallest but by no way is she the meekest, this pup is a ball of fire! Rough and tough always in the thick of it and has a voice to go with it. She can be a little impatient but i’m sure she will work things out! She is going to be so much fun and i’m sure she will excel at anything her new owners put her to. Dakota has gone to the Midlands and i’m sure she will fit in perfectly with a family of one Australian Shepherd (Cally) and one Miniature American Shepherd (Finn).



Ironpaws Iron Maiden (Ivy) is a sensitive girl and though she can have mad moments of puppy zooms she is the most sensible of the puppies. She prefers to watch and take things in and work them out for herself. She is fast to learn and will need metal stimulation and well as physical work. Her nature is very sweet and she will be a loving girl to her new family I am excited to see how she develops. I hope they have the ear defenders ready as our lovely Ivy has found her bark and knows how to use it! She has gone to the North East of England to be with her new family, and is not far from her brother who she will see on a regular basis.



Ironpaws Iron Lady (Apollo) she is sassy impatient and very impulsive, this pup is a bit of a diva. She has a wonderful light blue merle color with one green eye and one blue eye. She takes a little longer to work things out mainly because she is going at 100 miles an hour. She loves to be with you and wants affection but can’t stay still to receive it. She had a spark and will excel in showing as she is a pup who wants to be center of attention. Our lovely girl will be a challenge to train and produce but I am really looking forward to working with her and watching her grow and become part of our family. Apollo will be staying with us at Ironpaws.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds