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Update On Nova

Update on Nova's progress

so nova has been mated and we wait until the 22nd July 16 when she will be scanned, those of you who follow our Facebook page will be aware of our weekly update on Nova’s progress. for those of you who are not on Facebook here is the news so far.

Week 2 after matting

weight 10.9kg

Tummy size  17″

Nova seems more affectionate this week.

Week 3 after matting

weight 10.6kg

Tummy size 17″

Nova is showing signs of breast development and she seems a little grumpy. She has been sick a few times this week as well.

Week 4 since matting

weight 11.3kg

waist size 18″

This week she seems to tire a little more at the moment and not being as rough with Boomer (much to his relief) she is much more affectionate and is following me all over the house.

I will update next week and she is due to have her scan on the 22 July 16 so fingers crossed!

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Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds