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Ironpaws Minis Become a Puppy Culture Affiliate!

It has long been a aim of mine to be learn as much as I could about canine behavior, I started my search for a gentle and force free way of training young puppy’s.  About a year ago I was told about puppy culture by a friend and I began to look into it and how it works. I started to really like what I was reading and  decided that we would use the program on our own puppies. The time has now come and we are due to mate Boomer and Nova any day now, I contacted puppy culture and i’m delighted to say we have been approved as a Puppy Culture Affiliate. This means that not only will we use the program, before, during and after the birth of the puppy’s but it is also designed to follow the puppy’s through there life until they are adulthood and beyond. I have been approved to put links on my website and advise anyone who has an Ironpaws puppy on the program.

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Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds