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Nova and Boomers Puppies Born 13 August 16

Nova and Boomers Puppies Born 13 August 16

Nova and Boomer puppies Born - 13th August 16

Nova went into labour early on Saturday morning, after taking her temperature several times and it constantly staying low we knew her time had come. I spent the whole day sitting with her and keeping things as calm and relaxed as possible.

The first puppy to be born was as Black Tri Female – ¬†Rocky at 2044 hrs bless Nova she gave out a huge screech that made us all jump. As soon as she was born we knew Rocky would need extra help as her birth weight was very low. My husband was a star getting her to ‘latch on’ as i was unable to do this due to my leg. She was a fighter from the start and continues to thrive.

The second puppy to be born was a Blue Merle Female – Apollo at 2145 hrs from the start Apollo came out hunting for food, warmth and attention. She was strong from the start and we were happy to let her get on with it and focus on Rocky.

The third puppy born was a Black Tri Boy – Tommy at 2207 hrs it was lucky we were with Nova at the time as Tommy was coming out breach (backward with his feet under him) i had to act quickly and with a gentle pull he was delivered safely. After a quick rub and wipe her was fine and immediately looked to feed.

The forth and last puppy born was a Black Tri girl – Ivy at 2312 hrs she was strong and a good size with the sweetest face. Like her sister Apollo she was only interested one thing – food – which she hunted out with gusto!

We then waited with Nova for another hour and a half as we were not sure if there were any more pups to come. Nova had been very good and passed the placentas with each pup so we knew they had come.

For the first 48 hrs she have been very protective over the puppies and has looked after them exceptionally well for a first litter. She is now relaxed around them and will leave them for short walks.

The litter were named after boxers in the Rocky films as they were born on my friends birthday and her last name is Rock!

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