Breeder of Miniature American Shepherds to a meticulously high standard. Formerly known as Thunderpaws Mini’s


Based in Wiltshire, in the South West of England a few miles from Stonehenge. Formerly known as Thunderpaws Mini’s, but now known as Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds. 

We were lucky enough to get ‘Boomer’ our first Miniature American Shepherd from Jessica Steward at Dunnellon’s in May 2012 little did we know that this small unassuming Puppy was to change our world for ever!

Blessed with the arrival of ‘Nova’ in July 2014 from Lorrie McClelland at Gottabe’s in the USA our family was complete.

Miniature American Shepherds are wonderfully intelligent, fearlessly loyal, agile and driven. They do come with an off switch which on occasions can be faulty! Which very much means they are not for the faint heart. My family and I are 100 %  hooked on the breed and since getting them we have never looked back.

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds

Ironpaws Miniature American Shepherds